<guitar effects pedals>


Tube Overdrive

An all tube overdrive pedal, no compared with any other.Super dynamic, works nice with strat or Les Paul. read more....

<guitar effects pedals>

Tube Preamp

This tube guitar preamp is a distortion pedal perfect for Metal


<guitar effects pedals> Tube Distortion

Now with two footswitches and 3 channels. The first foot turn on the pedal and the second altenates between the channel…


<guitar effects pedals>

Aqua Drive

One of our overdrive handmade pedals. It is creamy and super transparent and the main goal is that the pedal keep the guitar original sound.


King Drive

The King Drive is a high gain distortion pedal. It has more punch and saturation…



This is a distortion pedal for electric guitar, with an incredible range of sounds


<guitar effects pedals> Scream X

The classic sound of blues coming from the old ts808 with some modifications. It has a clear sonority…

Scream X3

We did an up grade in the Scream x3. It now has a key for…

<guitar effects pedals> Envelope Man

Our envelope filter is unique because it offers a variety of sounds like funky, disco…


<guitar effects pedals>

Hard Drive

Super overdrive very transparent, with beautiful middle and bass range sweet sounds, The Hard drive is a…

<guitar effects pedals>

Octo King

An excellent fuzz and octave up pedal. You can decide to use the vintage sonority of the fuzz, or to mix with octaves

  Fat Drive

This is a super overdrive pedal full of middle range frequencies, like british sounds

<guitar effects pedals> Analog Chorus

A handmade pedal completely analogic that has bass…

<bass effects pedals>


The great solution to give more punch and show your bass as an important piece. This booster is designed to play all the frequencies of the bass guitar.

delay Delay 500ms

One analog delay with 500 mileseconds of analogic delay if you need…


A vibe pedal with rich modulation, textures and possibilities. That is what you gonna find in this Leslie Vibrato Simulation


<bass effects pedals>

Bass Drive

Our Bass overdrive pedal make part of our line effects for Bass Players…

<guitar effects pedals>

Rotor Phase

This analogic phase pedal has very distinctive characteristics. It is capable to produce..

<guitar effects pedals> Tremolo

Our tremolo pedal is gonna put you in the “time tunnel”. You gonna live the golden era of guitar: the 50´s/60´s/70´s.

<guitar effects pedals>


This is a compression sustainer pedal, that has a lot of sustain…

<guitar effects pedals> Envelope B-Man

Our envelope filter has its circuit carefuly adapted to the frequencies of the bass guitar.

<guitar effects pedals> Booster

Our Booster pedal for electric guitar is for sure the solution, if you need to have more volume in comparison with your band. If actioned


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